FST  openfst-1.7.3
OpenFst Library
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1 #include <fst/flags.h>
3 DEFINE_string(key_prefix, "", "Prefix to append to keys");
4 DEFINE_string(key_suffix, "", "Suffix to append to keys");
5 DEFINE_int32(generate_keys, 0,
6  "Generate N digit numeric keys (def: use file basenames)");
7 DEFINE_string(far_type, "default",
8  "FAR file format type: one of: \"default\", \"fst\", "
9  "\"stlist\", \"sttable\"");
10 DEFINE_bool(allow_negative_labels, false,
11  "Allow negative labels (not recommended; may cause conflicts)");
12 DEFINE_string(arc_type, "standard", "Output arc type");
13 DEFINE_string(entry_type, "line",
14  "Entry type: one of : "
15  "\"file\" (one FST per file), \"line\" (one FST per line)");
16 DEFINE_string(fst_type, "vector", "Output FST type");
17 DEFINE_string(token_type, "symbol",
18  "Token type: one of : "
19  "\"symbol\", \"byte\", \"utf8\"");
20 DEFINE_string(symbols, "",
21  "Label symbol table. Only applies to \"symbol\" tokens.");
22 DEFINE_string(unknown_symbol, "", "");
23 DEFINE_bool(file_list_input, false,
24  "Each input file contains a list of files to be processed");
25 DEFINE_bool(keep_symbols, false, "Store symbol table in the FAR file");
26 DEFINE_bool(initial_symbols, true,
27  "When keep_symbols is true, stores symbol table only for the first"
28  " FST in archive.");
30 int farcompilestrings_main(int argc, char **argv);
31 int main(int argc, char **argv) {
32  return farcompilestrings_main(argc, argv);
33 }
DEFINE_int32(generate_keys, 0,"Generate N digit numeric keys (def: use file basenames)")
DEFINE_bool(allow_negative_labels, false,"Allow negative labels (not recommended; may cause conflicts)")
DEFINE_string(key_prefix,"","Prefix to append to keys")
int main(int argc, char **argv)
int farcompilestrings_main(int argc, char **argv)