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properties.cc File Reference
#include <fst/properties.h>
#include <cstddef>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <fst/types.h>
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uint64 fst::ClosureProperties (uint64 inprops, bool star, bool delayed=false)
uint64 fst::ComplementProperties (uint64 inprops)
uint64 fst::ComposeProperties (uint64 inprops1, uint64 inprops2)
uint64 fst::ConcatProperties (uint64 inprops1, uint64 inprops2, bool delayed=false)
uint64 fst::DeterminizeProperties (uint64 inprops, bool has_subsequential_label, bool distinct_psubsequential_labels)
uint64 fst::FactorWeightProperties (uint64 inprops)
uint64 fst::InvertProperties (uint64 inprops)
uint64 fst::ProjectProperties (uint64 inprops, bool project_input)
uint64 fst::RandGenProperties (uint64 inprops, bool weighted)
uint64 fst::ReplaceProperties (const std::vector< uint64 > &inprops, size_t root, bool epsilon_on_call, bool epsilon_on_return, bool out_epsilon_on_call, bool out_epsilon_on_return, bool replace_transducer, bool no_empty_fst, bool all_ilabel_sorted, bool all_olabel_sorted, bool all_negative_or_dense)
uint64 fst::RelabelProperties (uint64 inprops)
uint64 fst::ReverseProperties (uint64 inprops, bool has_superinitial)
uint64 fst::ReweightProperties (uint64 inprops, bool added_start_epsilon)
uint64 fst::RmEpsilonProperties (uint64 inprops, bool delayed=false)
uint64 fst::ShortestPathProperties (uint64 props, bool tree=false)
uint64 fst::SynchronizeProperties (uint64 inprops)
uint64 fst::UnionProperties (uint64 inprops1, uint64 inprops2, bool delayed=false)