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push.h File Reference
#include <tuple>
#include <fst/push.h>
#include <fst/script/fst-class.h>
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using fst::script::PushArgs1 = std::tuple< MutableFstClass *, ReweightType, float, bool >
using fst::script::PushArgs2 = std::tuple< const FstClass &, MutableFstClass *, uint32, ReweightType, float >


template<class Arc >
void fst::script::Push (PushArgs1 *args)
template<class Arc >
void fst::script::Push (PushArgs2 *args)
void fst::script::Push (MutableFstClass *fst, ReweightType rew_type, float delta=kDelta, bool remove_total_weight=false)
void fst::script::Push (const FstClass &ifst, MutableFstClass *ofst, uint32 flags, ReweightType rew_type, float delta=kDelta)