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fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs Struct Reference

#include <farscript.h>

Public Member Functions

 FarPrintStringsArgs (const std::vector< std::string > &isources, const FarEntryType entry_type, const FarTokenType token_type, const std::string &begin_key, const std::string &end_key, const bool print_key, const bool print_weight, const std::string &symbols_source, const bool initial_symbols, const int32 generate_sources, const std::string &source_prefix, const std::string &source_suffix)

Public Attributes

const std::vector< std::string > & isources
const FarEntryType entry_type
const FarTokenType token_type
const std::string & begin_key
const std::string & end_key
const bool print_key
const bool print_weight
const std::string & symbols_source
const bool initial_symbols
const int32 generate_sources
const std::string & source_prefix
const std::string & source_suffix

Detailed Description

Definition at line 213 of file farscript.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::FarPrintStringsArgs ( const std::vector< std::string > &  isources,
const FarEntryType  entry_type,
const FarTokenType  token_type,
const std::string &  begin_key,
const std::string &  end_key,
const bool  print_key,
const bool  print_weight,
const std::string &  symbols_source,
const bool  initial_symbols,
const int32  generate_sources,
const std::string &  source_prefix,
const std::string &  source_suffix 

Definition at line 227 of file farscript.h.

Member Data Documentation

const std::string& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::begin_key

Definition at line 217 of file farscript.h.

const std::string& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::end_key

Definition at line 218 of file farscript.h.

const FarEntryType fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::entry_type

Definition at line 215 of file farscript.h.

const int32 fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::generate_sources

Definition at line 223 of file farscript.h.

const bool fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::initial_symbols

Definition at line 222 of file farscript.h.

const std::vector<std::string>& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::isources

Definition at line 214 of file farscript.h.

const bool fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::print_key

Definition at line 219 of file farscript.h.

const bool fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::print_weight

Definition at line 220 of file farscript.h.

const std::string& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::source_prefix

Definition at line 224 of file farscript.h.

const std::string& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::source_suffix

Definition at line 225 of file farscript.h.

const std::string& fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::symbols_source

Definition at line 221 of file farscript.h.

const FarTokenType fst::script::FarPrintStringsArgs::token_type

Definition at line 216 of file farscript.h.

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