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fst::script::FstDrawerArgs Struct Reference

#include <draw.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FstDrawerArgs (const FstClass &fst, const SymbolTable *isyms, const SymbolTable *osyms, const SymbolTable *ssyms, bool accep, const string &title, float width, float height, bool portrait, bool vertical, float ranksep, float nodesep, int fontsize, int precision, const string &float_format, bool show_weight_one, std::ostream *ostrm, const string &dest)

Public Attributes

const FstClassfst
const SymbolTableisyms
const SymbolTableosyms
const SymbolTablessyms
const bool accep
const string & title
const float width
const float height
const bool portrait
const bool vertical
const float ranksep
const float nodesep
const int fontsize
const int precision
const string & float_format
const bool show_weight_one
std::ostream * ostrm
const string & dest

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file draw.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::FstDrawerArgs ( const FstClass fst,
const SymbolTable isyms,
const SymbolTable osyms,
const SymbolTable ssyms,
bool  accep,
const string &  title,
float  width,
float  height,
bool  portrait,
bool  vertical,
float  ranksep,
float  nodesep,
int  fontsize,
int  precision,
const string &  float_format,
bool  show_weight_one,
std::ostream *  ostrm,
const string &  dest 

Definition at line 40 of file draw.h.

Member Data Documentation

const bool fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::accep

Definition at line 25 of file draw.h.

const string& fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::dest

Definition at line 38 of file draw.h.

const string& fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::float_format

Definition at line 35 of file draw.h.

const int fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::fontsize

Definition at line 33 of file draw.h.

const FstClass& fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::fst

Definition at line 21 of file draw.h.

const float fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::height

Definition at line 28 of file draw.h.

const SymbolTable* fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::isyms

Definition at line 22 of file draw.h.

const float fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::nodesep

Definition at line 32 of file draw.h.

std::ostream* fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::ostrm

Definition at line 37 of file draw.h.

const SymbolTable* fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::osyms

Definition at line 23 of file draw.h.

const bool fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::portrait

Definition at line 29 of file draw.h.

const int fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::precision

Definition at line 34 of file draw.h.

const float fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::ranksep

Definition at line 31 of file draw.h.

const bool fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::show_weight_one

Definition at line 36 of file draw.h.

const SymbolTable* fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::ssyms

Definition at line 24 of file draw.h.

const string& fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::title

Definition at line 26 of file draw.h.

const bool fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::vertical

Definition at line 30 of file draw.h.

const float fst::script::FstDrawerArgs::width

Definition at line 27 of file draw.h.

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