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GallicArc<A, S> A::Label A::StateId GallicWeight<A::Label, A::Weight, S>  
LexicographicArc<W1, W2> int int LexicographicWeight<W1, W2>  
LogArc int int LogWeight DONE
Log64Arc int int Log64Weight DONE
MinMaxArc int int MinMaxWeight  
PowerArc<A, n> int int PowerWeight<A::Weight, n>
ProductArc<W1, W2> int int ProductWeight<W1, W2>  
SignedLogArc int int SignedLogWeight DONE
SignedLog64Arc int int SignedLog64Weight DONE
SparsePowerArc<A> int int SparsePowerWeight<A::Weight>
StdArc int int TropicalWeight DONE
StringArc<S> int int StringWeight<int, S>  
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Name Type
GallicWeight<L, W, S> ProductWeight<StringWeight<L, S>, W>
LogWeight LogWeightTpl<float>
Log64Weight LogWeightTpl<double>
MinMaxWeight MinMaxWeightTpl<float>
SignedLogWeight SignedLogWeightTpl<float>
SignedLog64Weight SignedLogWeightTpl<double>
TropicalWeight TropicalWeightTpl<float>

Composite weights, such as ProductWeight and LexicographicWeight, can use command line flags to control

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