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HuanliangWang - 15 May 2013 - 03:02


I try to merge two LM by following command line:

./tools/opengrm-ngram-1.0.3/bin/ngrammerge --alpha=0.2 --beta=0.8 --normalize --use_smoothing A.fst B.fst AB.mrg.fst

But I get a error:

FATAL: NGramModel: input not deterministic

A.fst is normal fst LM trained by SRILM. B.fst is class-expanded LM by fstreplace command.

I also try to convert fst LM into arpa LM by command line:

./tools/opengrm-ngram-1.0.3/bin/ngramprint --ARPA B.fst > B.arpa

But I got a same error:

NGramModel: input not deterministic

How to fix the error?


Huanliang wang

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error when converting LM genereted by HTK into fst format

HuanliangWang - 07 May 2013 - 03:08

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