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 Suppose I have a transducer that turns numbers into their spoken representation, e.g. 23 -> twenty-three. Now I want to handle US currency, so $23 becomes "twenty-three dollars". Obviously for "$1" it is "one dollar". To implement it in Thrax I might just add the whole string as the alternative path with the lower weight, but as I have many different units ("2m" -> "two meters", but "1m" meter) I wonder what would be the idiomatic way to implement pluralization? I feel like I should use Features and Paradigms, but I lack good examples of their application. Thank you.

RichardSproat - 2015-08-16 - 09:16

You could use the features functionality, though for English this might be a bit of overkill. For simple cases like English I would just have two StringFiles, one for the singulars and one for the plurals, then define singular_nouns to use the first and plural_nouns the second, then just do the obvious combination with "1" versus all the other numbers.

If you wanted to use the features/paradigms functionality, there's an example for a more complex case in the distribution. See: src/grammars/paradigms_and_features.grm

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